Taqueria De Anda

Santa Ana

Back in 1980, a small catering truck laid the foundation for Taqueria De Anda.

By the end of 1981, we had set up our first dining location: a quaint little restaurant in Fullerton. With only four tables, this restaurant was but a miniature version of what you see today. As time went on, word of Taqueria De Anda’s mouthwatering menu began to spread. Before we knew it, people were making their way from all over
town just to get their fill of our delicious tacos.

As we’ve grown we’ve made it tradition to keep every new location a family-owned restaurant. Chances are, if you’re in a Taqueria De Anda restaurant, so is a De Anda.

Taqueria De Anda has defined itself over the years not only by our quality food and ingredients, but by our customer service as well. Every taco, burrito, and quesadilla we create has a new owner, and that’s the person we want to get to know.

Restaurant/Cafe in Santa Ana